Some of my readers have mentioned that they “miss” my hand-drawn renderings when I post computer aided designs (CAD) for my Design a Day project.  I completely understand!  When I paint, I tend to get lost in the “zone” and sometimes the results feel quite magical.

Case in point, today I set out to follow the tasks and timetable I had set out for myself.  I know from the experience of “falling off” my schedule and focusing too long on perfecting one project just how cranky and unfulfilled I can feel.  However, I was working on a detailed watercolor painting and the process of being immersed in that project ended up leaving me happy, excited and very satisfied.  Never mind that the tasks I had scheduled for 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock p.m. went unnoticed and (temporarily) fell off my list.

However, to get myself back on track and avoid feeling too guilty, I did work on another CAD rendering for tonight.  My goal with this one was to create quickly and experiment with some new backgrounds and lighting:

Computer Aided Design of Jade, Gold and Onyx Pendant by Joana Miranda
Jade, Onyx and Yellow Gold Pendant CAD Rendering by Joana Miranda

Are the dimensions perfect?


Have I gotten where I want to be with this yet?


Can I feel proud about checking off another one of my tasks for today?



  1. la mamma says:

    wow, you are really making progress fast! This one is really good, love the background and it’s getting closer to the hand drawn renderings!
    YAY, way to go!

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