Keeping in a similar vein (giving thanks for having great support from my friends and family), here is another heart pendant idea:

Computer aided design of yellow and white gold heart medallion with diamond center by Joana Miranda
CAD of Yellow and White Gold Heart Medallion with Diamond Center by Joana Miranda

This week I’ve lost two full days of work since my email and Facebook accounts were hacked.  I don’t wish this nightmare on any of you, and from what I have heard from my friends, the scam that hit me had already hit a number of my friends.  Moving forward, I still have no control over my Facebook account.   Please do not follow me there (or go to Joana Miranda Studio on Facebook) unless I give you further notice that is safe again to do so.  My email is back under control and of course my website, my shop at Etsy and my blog are safe to visit.  I am also in the process of finalizing my email newsletter account with Aweber and will be sending my fans an invitation to sign up for my newsletter shortly.  This way you can receive notification of JLM Studio news, design work, new blog posts and other goodies straight into your email inbox.

(Of course, you can still sign up to receive my blog posts via email or RSS feed.  The signups are in the blog sidebar to the right of this post.)

On the subject of goodies…Congratulations to Pam who wrote in with a thoughtful and inspiring how-to-overcome-hardship comment on my Empire Building Week 9 review post.  She will be sent the pendant pictured in that post.

(I’m certainly using her good advice this week!)


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