Tonight’s design is a simple pencil sketch inspired by my love for the Art Deco period:

Pencil sketch of briolette drop earring with diamond accents by Joana Miranda
Pencil Sketch of Briolette Drop Earring with Diamond Accents by Joana Miranda

The challenge to a design like this one is to set the diamonds on the sling that “hugs” the briolette, and then affix the briolette in place securely inside this diamond sling.  More thought needs to be given to how the diamond sling is finished at the top of the briolette; in this sketch, I haven’t exactly worked this out.   However, I believe that great designs come first from the imagination; figuring out how to make them feasible while still staying faithful to the design concept is the next step.

Tomorrow I’ll explore ways to make this design come to life in a more practical manner, and I’ll be adding full blown color .  See you then!


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