I’m writing this post on a break from watching a very interesting TV show about “super humans” (i.e. people who have super-human gifts or abilities.)  So far, we’ve seen one man who is supremely flexible, another man in India who is a human conductor of electricity, and a man from San Diego who can do complex mathematical calculations (including multiplication, division and square roots) faster than any human being using a calculator.

I’m feeling rather humbled, therefore, posting this very simple diamond stud earring variation:

Gouache diamond stud earring rendering on vellum paper by Joana Miranda
Gouache Diamond Stud Earring Rendering on Vellum Paper by Joana Miranda

However, my love for my husband is nothing short of extraordinary, and since he has suffered my long hours spent at the drafting table designing (or being otherwise occupied with my business) without even so much as a complaint,  I’m honoring that love by heading right back down to the couch and TV to keep him company!

See you back here tomorrow!


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