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My week 11 progress update on the Empire Building Kit (designed to help you build a lifestyle business in one year by doing one thing every day) is a few days late, but the good news is that I’m still on track with my daily EBK work.  To be specific, I’m not only on track, but I continue to feel fired up about the program.  I wouldn’t be so fired up if I wasn’t seeing results, though, and next week’s review (Week12) seems like a good time to brag about some of those “results” since it will mark the end of the first quarter in this year-long program.

In the meantime…

Week 11 focused mainly on two concepts:  preemptive advertising and affiliate marketing.  We “dissected” a very clever and successful 1960s Volkswagen Beetle ad campaign and also took a look at how an affiliate partner with a relatively small blog following outperformed much larger bloggers to earn market share on a recent product launch.

Huh, what?!  What’s an affiliate partner?

An affiliate partner is someone who helps promote the work of others in exchange for a commission on sales.  I am an affiliate partner for Chris Guillebeau’s products (as well as a fan of his Empire Building Kit!)  Why?  Because I think he is intelligent, writes very well, and has a life philosophy which encompasses not only following your passions, but giving back to your community — a philosophy that is close to my own and that I’d like to put into practice as successfully as Chris has.

So, if you are intrigued about Chris’ products and decide to purchase them either through the links I’ve provided here or through the Empire Building Kit and Art + Money buttons on my blog sidebar, you can feel happy that your purchase supports two people – me and Chris.  But if you don’t want to purchase through me, that’s ok, too.  You can always Google Chris’ Art of Non-Conformity blog and get to his products that way (or just subscribe to his blog to read all of the great free content he provides there!)


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