Life has been busy here of late…but then again, when isn’t it for me?  I’m working on some new design projects while also trying to keep on top of my Design a Day challenge here.  I find it hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since I started this project!  I’ve filled two giant portfolios with designs (with only one more page to spare) so before I’ve even reached my 365 day goal, I’m going to have to go and purchase yet another archival portfolio!

Tonight’s design features a pink sapphire, amethysts and pearls.  I love chandelier earrings, so this is yet another variation on the chandelier:

Watercolor and gouache sapphire, amethyst and pearl earring chandelier rendering by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache Sapphire, Amethyst and Pearl Earring Chandelier Rendering by Joana Miranda

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