Pencil drawing of diamond stud earring variation by Joana Miranda
Pencil Drawing of Diamond Stud Earring Variation by Joana Miranda

As we’re getting close to the countdown of moving to NY city, I’m doubling and tripling up on my daily designs so that I have a cushion in my archive folder.  I figure that with only 26 more days to go to meet my self-imposed challenge of posting a design a day on my blog for a year, I’m not going to be deterred from meeting that goal by something “little” like a cross-country move.  I’m also finding myself doing my version of prayer and thinking a lot about how to survive this next chapter of my life.

What are the challenges?

  • Not being able to take most of my jewelry-making equipment with me
  • Not being able to use a torch in a NY aparment (so soldering is out)
  • Not having a steady paycheck (yet)
  • Living very frugally since our house hasn’t sold and we’ll be paying a mortgage and a NY city rent
  • Living in one room with my husband and all of the belongings we need
  • Living apart from each other when my husband comes back to Milwaukee to spend time with his kids

Depressing?  Maybe, but I’m feeling blessed to have been given an opportunity to make my way in a new city, to live with the man I love, and to have all of my digits and mental faculties about me so that I can continue to find ways to create.

I’m also trying to remember…

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.
(Henry J. Kaiser)


  1. nina says:

    Now that you’re moving and haven’t been able to create a new design every day – how much do you miss it?

    Best of luck with every element in your transition…


    • Hi Nina,

      I’ve actually still been able to create a new design almost every day (I did double and triple up on designs last week since I knew I’d be away from my computer when I was visiting my parents this week.) I’m going to have to double up again this coming week for the actual move.

      I really appreciate your good wishes! Seems like nothing will be going exactly how we’d wished (house hasn’t sold, I still haven’t secured a NY job, etc.), but being able to do the move together feels like a gift in and of itself.

      Are you back in the swing of things at MacPhail?


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