Watercolor and gouache emerald, onxy and diamond earring rendering by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache Emerald, Onxy and Diamond Earring Rendering by Joana Mirand

Tomorrow I’m taking my car in to be auctioned off.  I’m trying to remember that I’ll be helping the environment (and forcing myself to get even more exercise), but right at this moment I feel a bit like tomorrow’s  relinquishing of the title and keys is a little like attending a funeral.  My car has seen me through 12 years of trips…to CO and back many times, to NH and back just as many, through winters in the Twin Cities and in Milwaukee, and one spin-out over ice, and another over grass when I fell asleep at the wheel in Nebraska.

(Who wouldn’t fall asleep in Nebraska?)

Over the years, my car has been my haven.  It’s also been my escape at times.  I’ve kept it cleaner than most people keep their houses when guests are scheduled to visit; if it wasn’t for the odometer reading over 111K, looking at the interior you’d think the car was brand new.  A testament to my need to take care of things…

(or maybe my love of vacuuming?)

My car has now been emptied of maps, scrapers, extra napkins, and sunglasses.  I’ve even removed my mascot…the green plastic lizard I found on the ground near my car one year at Pick and Save and planted on my dashboard to watch over me.  I’m not sure he’ll like the view quite as well from the depths of my purse, but I’m hoping he’ll still look after me.

See you on the subway…


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