A black and white photo of my mascot - a green lizard - finding its way in NY cityAnother week has flown by and I’m actually already working midway into Week 14 of the Empire Building Kit.  But before I get ahead of myself, I need to catch you all up a little.   Most interesting for me in Week 13 of the EBK was being exposed to Tom Bihn and the philosophy behind his very successful handmade travel bag business.  I’d like to be so good at telling my story on my website!  I’m also in awe of Tom for being able to to eschew the entire wholesale route and generate enough traffic via his website and repeat customers that he doesn’t need wholesale accounts.  Tom’s products are made entirely in the US…in fact, they are made in Seattle, the home base of the company.  Kudos to one small business owner who is creating a great product and also helping the economy in the process.

Among other things I’m learning from Tom’s successes is how he uses the technique of cross-selling effectively.   I haven’t yet figured out how best to apply it to my business, though; partly, this is because my business is undergoing some new twists and turns as I navigate customizing it to my new location in NY.  However, this idea will certainly go into my business growth tool bag to be used later.  If you’re curious about the other business growth tools that the Empire Building Kit provides, take a look here.


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