Two days ago I posted a rather sumptuous gold, diamond and emerald earring rendering for my Design a Day (Day 344).  I was visiting my parents in NH and did the rendering in my parents’ atelier – a combined pottery and jewelry studio.  The following pictures give a glimpse into our activities that day:

Joana sketching and trying to overcome a very sore throat and neck (note the multiple heated neck “collars”)…Photo of Joana in her parents' atelier in NH

Beginning to flesh out the gold metal tones…Photo of a gold earring rendering in process (#1)

Adding some orange highlights…Photo of earring rendering in process (#2)

Adding yellow dots for bead settings…Photo of earring rendering in process (#3)

The finished design…Photo of earring rendering process (#4)

My father pondering the technical details for a ring project…Photo of my father at work on a ring project

My mother working on glazing her bisqued pots for a firing…Photo of my mother at work glazing a squirrel pot

A squirrel emerges…Photo of my mother at work glazing a squirrel pot

Intrigued?  You can see more of my parents’ work at their respective pottery and jewelry websites.

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