Photo of Vermont Farm Stand by Joana MirandaI happen to love wall calendars, and my husband and parents have made sure I’m well covered (or my walls at least are) in the calendar department.  Hanging on the walls of my study I’ve got a retro wine and spirits posters calendar,  a black and white “Romantic Paris” calendar with photos by Doisneau, Michaud, Ronis and others, and a wonderful calendar of photos of the Greek Isles.  Flipping each calendar to the next month has become a ritual of sorts for me, not the least because I have to do it three times!  I always feel nostalgic leaving the previous months’ pictures behind, as well as a sense of renewed anticipation and hope as I meet the new months’ pictures.

Tomorrow’s ritual feels even more significant to me.  Saying goodbye to August seems like saying goodbye to summer.  This year, it also signals the start of a many new beginnings for me…a new city, new apartment, new work possibilities, and new challenges.  Lots to feel excited about, and even more to feel anxious about if I let my mind go that direction.

So, in the final hours of August 2010, I’m planning to put my feet up, sip a drink with my husband, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the warm summer evening.



  1. mom says:

    wonderful design today! You can practically feel the silky touch of the gold.
    And a mouthwatering photo of Killdeer farmstand, at least the end of summer brings forth a fabulous harvest.
    xoxo la mamma

    • Thanks, Ma! I’m glad I got to eat the Killdeer corn, too. I forget how good corn tastes since we never eat it here (except if it is frozen!)
      Love you,
      P.s. One of my regular blog followers wrote to say that they love the humor in your work (from the pictures in the atelier I posted.)

  2. Helen Reich says:

    Everybody seems to forget that Labor Day is really NOT the end of summer. There’s technically 3 weeks left, and a good 6 weeks of sailing weather left. Lots of gardening left, for those who are doing it (I’ve turned into such a lazy-ass gardener) and lots of relatively hospitable weather. Take heart. Also, still lots of fresh sweet corn to be had at the farmer’s markets….no reason to have to rely on frozen corn.

  3. The only reason we rely on frozen corn is that we’re lazy…

    In fact, we’ve been so lazy about cooking recently that we’re existing on odd meals of various leftovers (along with whatever condiments we can find.) I guess we’re in cleaning-out-the-cupboards mode.

    Have you been sailing recently?

    🙂 Joana

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