Black and white photo of dilapidated shack in NH taken by Joana Miranda

I recently wrapped up work on Week 15 of Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit.  This week’s focus was on the Product Launch – why doing a launch is important, how to build anticipation for a launch, pre-launch strategies, what to expect and do on the launch day, post-launch follow ups, and how to take future launches up a notch.

To be honest, this was the first week where I started to feel like I was unable to keep up.  Not because I didn’t understand what was being discussed (or why launches are so important), but because I’m having to rethink my own business in light of our upcoming move to NY.  While I’d love to be announcing a new product launch, what’s launching for me right now (amidst anxious thoughts of what to pack, how we’ll survive, etc.), is a host of new ideas.  So far, these ideas seem to be in the incubation stage – not ready yet to see the light of day.

I did take the opportunity this week to meet a fellow “emperor-in-training,” graphic designer Neille Hofman of Aurum Design, located, most conveniently, in Milwaukee.  Her business experiences were featured in a recent EBK daily lesson.  While Neille and I were strangers up until yesterday and are in different stages of our “empire-building,” I felt like I was meeting a kindred spirit and old friend – yet another positive connection I’m made through the Empire Building Kit.

This coming Tuesday I’m looking forward to meeting another kindred spirit – none other than Chris Guillebeau himself!  As part of his Unconventional Book Tour, Chris is doing a 50-state “meetup” tour over the next few months (he’ll also visit every province in Canada as well.)  It just so happens that he is kicking off the entire tour in New York City at Borders Bookstore, Columbus Circle on Tuesday evening.  Tuesday just happens to be my first day in NY…could the timing be any better?

I know that Chris doesn’t think of himself as a guru, but I do.  Anyone who charts their own unconventional course through life while being positive, thoughtful, respectful and generous is a worthy individual indeed.  Sharing the “keys” of how to do this with others is beyond worthy – its darn angelic!


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