As I’m finding my “NY City legs” – figuring out how to set up my drafting table, hooking up my printer and getting my scanner to work – today’s rendering felt a bit forced.  When I finished it, my thought was

“Oh, this isn’t original…I’ve done this exact same design before!”

So I decided to dig through my design archives to see just how much I had plagiarized myself.  Much to my surprise, I realized that while today’s design is, indeed, a reworking of a motif that I seem to love, it is significantly different not only in rendering technique but in feel.  In a more critical vein, I’d say that I’m still seeking that “Ah hah!” moment with this motif.  However, with a little distance (nice that I’ve saved my designs) I see merit in each of the variations to date; proof, too, as George Balanchine once said

“There are no new steps, only new combinations.”

I’ve posted the new variation below with the previous incarnations, in reverse chronological order underneath:

Pen and Ink Gold and Diamond Leaf Earring with Gold Tear Drop Dangle by Joana Miranda
Pen and Ink Gold and Diamond Leaf Earring with Gold Tear Drop Dangle by Joana Miranda

Colored pencil and gouache bud and leaf earring rendering by Joana Miranda

Watercolor and Gouache Leaf and S-Diamond Drop Earring by Joana Miranda

Colored pencil and goauche leaf and flower dangle earring rendering by Joana Miranda


“Success is steady progress towards one’s personal goals.”

(Jim Rohn)


  1. nina says:

    We’ll all love knowing which one is your ‘aha!’

    Best wishes for the following week.


  2. Helen Reich says:

    Not that you’ve asked, but #3 really does it for me…..that’s my favorite. It’s the most graceful, the most inevitable. It’s also the simplest.

    • Hi Helen,

      I agree completely on all points with you. I also think #3 is the most “alive” of the renderings. My pen and ink renderings tend to look a little more static and maybe graphic design/cartoonish. I think that nothing beats watercolor for conveying both the softness and shine of metal, and the brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones.

      Hope you are well!

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