When you design, paint or do anything creative, it sometimes helps to have outside inspiration.  I took this picture in Vermont recently and happened to glance at it when I sat down to do my design for the day:

Photo of buckets of flowers at a Vermont farm stand taken by Joana Miranda
Photo of Buckets of Flowers at a Vermont Farm Stand taken by Joana Miranda

Because I’m learning that it is important to incorporate “play” into your creative work (something I often forget or put off), I then “doodled” this sketch from my memory:

Pencil sketch of flower buckets by window by Joana Miranda
Pencil Sketch of Flower Buckets by Window by Joana Miranda

Even though I love flowers, what I enjoyed the most about doing the sketch above, was drawing in the knots of wood in the wall behind the flowers.  The lines of wood grain splitting and then closing again around the knots led me to isolate that motif; quite quickly, a concept for a bracelet emerged.  Here is the finished bracelet rendering:

Colored pencil and gouache gold circle and diamond bar bracelet rendering by Joana Miranda
Colored Pencil and Gouache Gold Circle and Diamond Bar Bracelet Rendering by Joana Miranda


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