I spent a lot of my creative energies today working on a fun design (to debut soon…), so when I realized tonight that I still needed to come up with a design for my Design-A-Day blog project, I checked the clock in a bit of a panic…


Although I don’t usually fixate on the time, I did write it in at the top of  my sketch pad.  Then it occurred to me that I might be able to play with the shapes of the numbers to find some inspiration.  The “3” seemed like a good place to start.  As you can see from my VERY rough sketches below, I hit on the idea of pairing the “3” with its reverse, but was having a bit of a dyslexic moment being able to draw a “3” backwards:

Page from Joana's sketch book
"9:53" Doodles in My Sketch Book

I seemed to be going in a slightly nautical vein at first, but didn’t really want to do an “anchor” charm.  Playing around with the negative space between the back-to-back “3s” led me to this earring design:

Pencil Rendering of "9:53" Earring by Joana Miranda
Pencil Rendering of "9:53" Earring by Joana Miranda

When I finished, I looked at the time…


Not too bad for 26 minutes’ work, and a relief to have met yet another day of  my year-long goal…only 6 more days to go!


    • Hi Helen,

      Even though I don’t have a schedule per se right now, trying to job hunt, manage grocery trips on foot, deal with trips to the laundromat, etc., is eating up more of my time than I expected. Hence the need (still) for speed rendering!

      Sort of like speed practicing;-) Are you getting ready for next week?

      Take care,

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