A message to my readers…

I’m now only 2 days from finishing my Design a Day year-long blog project

(that’s a new design every day with no days off!)

I’m also coming up on the 2nd year anniversary of searching for a job in NY city.  Yes, the search WAS long-distance until now, and I was lucky enough to be employed during that time.  (I’m officially STILL employed this year, but on sabbatical not earning any salary.)

I’ve “knocked” on every door that has presented itself to me,

I’ve weathered silence and rejections,

I’ve cried, yelled, screamed and said many bad words.

(But I haven’t lost hope.)


Because I’ve been too busy creating…

new designs,

new opportunities,

new contacts,

new friends


new dreams.

Watercolor and gouache design featuring lady diver by Joana Miranda
Jeweled Lady Diver by Joana Miranda


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