You’re probably wondering if I’ve finally gone and lost my marbles (in addition to being almost homeless and camping out at the NY Public Library to update my blog posts.)  Actually, since I’m not in the company of my usual coterie of cheerleaders (my husband, parents, and friends), I’m going to do my own cheering and assure you that I’ve not only NOT lost my marbles, but I may have even discovered a few marbles I didn’t think I had.

Recently, I was emailed this picture taken for National Geographic Magazine by photographer George Steinmetz:

Photo of camels in the desert at sunset taken by George Steinmetz
Photo of Camels in the Desert at Sunset Taken by George Steinmetz

If you’re like me, you might look at the picture quickly and think, “Ooh, interesting photo…cool pattern of black camels against the red of the desert.”


Those black “camels” are shadows; the real camels are the little white lines at the feet of the camels.  In the words of the clever and wise person who circulated this picture around the internet:

Sometimes, our “problems” seem to be as big as the shadows…

in God’s eyes they are little.

So as I set forth each day to tackle the journey ahead of me, I’m breathing the fresh air, enjoying that I’m alive, and remembering that perspective is a very powerful tool…

(and I’m also asking God to keep an eye out for me, too.)


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