Photo of NY Brownstone all decked out for Halloween by Joana MirandaI’m experiencing Halloween in NY for the first time.  Actually, mostly what I’m experiencing is cravings for CANDY, along with the occasional sighting of a little costumed pirate or butterfly in the company of their parents.   But, since I’m on a bit of a tight budget these days, the cravings are going to have to be filled with some of the Swiss Miss chocolate puddings in the fridge.

Speaking of budgets and money, I just wrapped up work on Week 22 of the Empire Building Kit.  Week 22 was all about THE MONEY…why it needs to be a top focus for any small biz owner, and how to bring it in.  Chris had some great suggestions, as well as giving us some insight into the top 2 things he tracks in his business daily.

Curious?  Why not hop on over to The Art of Non-Conformity and check out the Empire Building Kit yourself?   And remember…

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.”

(Shira Tehrani)


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