Not sure whether her new apartment would become available or not, Josephine felt at sixes and sevens until she surrendered to the flow of possibility and gave thanks for all the good things that had happened to her thus far.

Pen and ink and computer rendered "Josephine Ponders the Path Ahead" illustration by Joana Miranda


  1. Hi Nina,

    Greetings from yet another internet cafe…at least now I have my own portable security-encrypted modem so I’m not at the mercy of Wifi hackers.

    I have a flight this evening back to Milwaukee in case our apt. here STILL hasn’t come through. The silver lining is my husband waiting for me at the airport…

    Happy November 1st!

    • nina says:


      You are helping take the romance out of your project for me – you faced homelessness this am? Wow.

      Perhaps it’s like buying a house – always full of ups and downs. The answer is to ride the waves and know that you will arrive on shore happy and glad to be at your destination.

      • Hi Nina,

        I’m back in Milwaukee now, and we’re STILL on hold for the apartment in NY! Don’t know about “getting to our destination at this point…” I’ve never felt so in limbo before in my life. But I’m sure that some time (year?) this situation will fall into place and will make for an entertaining story. At least now I can goof off with my husband.

        🙂 Joana

    • Really? I’ll let Josephine know…maybe she’ll let you borrow it:-)

      Don’t know if you have time for coffee tomorrow, but I’m available and would love to see you!


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