Photo of festively decorated trees in Midtown taken by Joana MirandaI’ve done it again; missed one of my scheduled Empire Building Kit blog post review weeks, and had to cram in almost a week and a half of Empire Building Kit daily emails all at once.  My excuse this time?  Would you believe it was more MOVING?  Last week saw a whirlwind trip to Milwaukee to (frantically) pack up our house and get it ready for the new owners.  Am I relieved that we have a buyer?


(More than I can say.)

Am I sick of boxes, packing hard-to-pack odds and ends, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, and toys I’ll never use?


Mostly, though, the hardest part has been not having a routine.  When I fall off the exercise wagon, that’s when things have gotten really bad.  When I fall off my blog posting schedule, things have gotten even worse.  Both happened last week, and I was a cranky mess (not to mention having cracked and bleeding hands from dealing with so many cartons and tape.)   And, in spite of the wonderment of spending my first holiday living in New York City, I’ve found myself also wondering…

just where did the fall go?

To be honest, the highlights for me in Weeks 28 and 29 of the Empire Building Kit were that the daily emails served as a constant reminder of what I’m striving to build, and that I’m in good company.  I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed (sometimes quickly) to various self-professed business and lifestyle gurus.  What makes me keep working through Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit and continually reading his Art of Non-Conformity Blog posts (subscribe on his blog and you’ll get them delivered free in your inbox), is that I genuinely like Chris and am inspired by his values and enlightened by his wisdom.  He continues to be a sane and constant presence in my life.  As I’m finding, change is good – great even – but weathering it all at once does take it’s toll.

Who, or what keeps you grounded and healthy?  Where do you turn for your inspiration?


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