Photo of the Christopher Columbus Statue at Columbus Circle, NY taken by Joana Miranda

I’m constantly learning new things – although sometimes the “new things” are ones that maybe I should have known all along.  Take today, for example, when, after taking the picture above at Columbus Circle, I discovered that the statue is none other than Christopher Columbus.  I can see some of my readers scratching their heads at my naïevité…maybe even contemplating hitting the unsubscribe button to my blog.

(In case it helps to save my image – and it did save THIS image – I also figured out a new setting on my camera which enabled me to take a fairly decent night-time picture.)

Learning is what progress is all about, and that is why I’m sticking to my commitment to work through the Empire Building Kit.  This week’s focus was on meeting and finding ways to work around your customers’ resistance.  In addition to specific resistance to products in a new business, Chris Guillebeau (author of the Empire Building Kit) cautions that more established businesses still face resistance such as

  • How do I know this really works?
  • I don’t know if this is a good investment (and/or I’m not sure I have the money to spare)
  • I’m not sure I can trust you with my money
  • What do other people think about this?
  • I wonder if I can find this info / get this product or service without paying
  • I worry about sharing my info online

And, lastly, and maybe most importantly


(Why should I part with my money to buy your product now?)

The idea is that if you can build trust with your customers and also address each of these resistances head-on in a positive way, you are much more likely to be converting prospective clients into loyal customers.

I see Chris’ wisdom.  I also see the wisdom of Brian, who wrote a thoughtful and wise reply to my Empire Building Kit – Week 31 Review post.  Brian’s point is that quality and vision don’t always win the day, or lead to an overnight business success.  There are probably as many “Build Your Dream Business” books, courses, and related materials as there are ways to go about doing it.  One important factor that few sources mention, is


Another, in my humble opinion (and something that I struggle with myself), is


So I will strive to learn and grow each day in my business (and historical monument recognition) and with the support of my dear readers, friends, and family, I’ll do my best to perservere, too.

If luck heads my way, all the better.

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