Photo of bike buried in the snow, taken by Joana Miranda

I finished working through Week 35 of the Empire Building Kit a few days ago, and, seemingly magically, a number of things fell into place that reinforced some of the messages I’ve heard all along in the course.  To being with…

  • I took a giant leap of faith leaving a secure job, and the next day received an interview for different work.  What better reinforcement of the power of non-conformity, courage, following your passion, and patience all mixed together…Oh, and I got the job, too!
  • I spent several days researching a digital drawing tablet, then discovered that a new friend who lives halfway around the world, uses and loves it, and can give me pointers on the specifics of what to buy.  I don’t always “get” social networking, but in this instance it has served me well!
  • I received a large check for sales of  my jewelry from one of my galleries, which made me grateful that I’ve taken the time to seek out and pursue different venues for my work.
  • I sold a pendant to a new client through a referral
  • I posted one of my latest drawings to a forum of artists and received an immediate positive comment; a good reminder of the importance of putting your new products where they’ll been seen by the right people

I know that not all days or weeks are like this, but ones that are help to put everything into perspective.  I guess it’s true that patience and forbearance pay off, although it might just be when you least expect it!


  1. Pamela Frame says:

    None of this is surprising to your friends, Joana! I love reading your posts and Josephine is quite a charming character.

  2. nina says:

    Excellent title for a phenomenon I’ve never been able to define. Happy for your good news.


    • Hi Nina,

      Probably the same phenomenon as when you plan out your days and don’t get anywhere near as much done as you’d like; but, looking back a month later, somehow you’ve managed to get more than you expected done.

      Hope you are well and staying warm!
      🙂 Joana

  3. I totally believe this whole-heartedly, but its good to hear examples of it. I just went through some big changes myself and I am looking forward to the time when everything has fallen into place. I’m glad things are going well for you!

  4. Keep up what you are doing and don’t lose hope! Things do have a way of working out if we are open to the possibilities.

    I wish you all best luck and that everything falls into place as you’d like it to.

    Best wishes,

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