Coming home from Brooklyn the other night, I changed trains at the 14th Street station in Manhattan and stumbled upon these little people.  Even though I don’t have much occasion to head through this station, knowing that these bronze statues will always be here, makes the city an even happier place for me!

It might be the last stop, but this journey starts here!

Photo of NY city subway L train taken by Joana Miranda

He looked friendly enough, but I was glad he was chained down…

Bronze cobra statue at 8th Ave Subway stop, photo taken by Joana Miranda

Around the corner, this pair was busy at work (maybe the bags were for the sawdust?)

Photo of pair of bronze little people "sawing", taken by Joana Miranda

Hey!  No sleeping allowed here!

Photo of bronze guard and sleeping woman at 8th Ave subway station in NY, taken by Joana Miranda

BEFORE: A portrait of Mr. Money Bags …

Photo of bronze "Mr. Money Bags" statue at 8th Ave. subway station in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

AFTER:  (Now you know what’s under NY manhole covers!)

Bronze statue of alligator coming out of man hole to eat a man, taken by Joana Miranda

Keeping the subways clean is obviously an uphill job…

Photo of two bronze workman sweeping up the subway, taken by Joana Miranda

But he’ll work for (Chinese) food!

Photo of bronze subway worker and chinese take away box, taken by Joana Miranda

Hurry, Dear!  We’re going to miss our train!

Photo of bronze couple hurrying to catch subway, taken at 8th Ave. subway station by Joana Miranda

At this station there IS such thing as free lunch…

Bronze statue of worker giving little person some money, taken by Joana Miranda

And, for these two, that’s reason enough to celebrate.

Photo of bronze couple drinking martinis, taken by Joana Miranda

Women at work (or, maybe just looking for a bra)…

Photo of bronze statues of women with hammer, taken by Joana Miranda at 14th St. subway station

The guards have their hands full..

Photo of bronze statues of subway guard and sleeping person, taken by Joana Miranda

Time and time again!

Photo of bronze statues of person trying to sneak into the subway and subway guard, taken by Joana Miranda

She lost her head (was it a poisoned apple?)…

Photo of headless bronze woman statue with apple core, taken by Joana Miranda

And she was guarding the loot.

Photo of bronze guard standing on top of bronze money bag, taken by Joana Miranda

I think she was looking up the next-of-kin…

Photo of bronze statue of woman reading a book while seated on top of lifeless man, taken by Joana Miranda

Shh!  The walls have ears!

Photo of bronze ear on wall at 14th St. subway station in NYC, taken by Joana Miranda

(If she wasn’t made of bronze, she’d do the hula)…

Bronze statue of hula girl at 14th St. subway station, taken by Joana Miranda

And through it all he just wanted to go home!

Photo of bronze statue waiting for subway at 14th St. station, taken by Joana Miranda


    • Ola Pedro!

      You’ll have to make note to visit these “little people” when you come and visit New York.

      Espero que tudo esta bem e que tems uma boa fin de semana!

      Ciao –

    • I’m sure the people passing through the subway that night thought I was a weirdo since I was going around taking all of those pictures. Who cares! That’s the beauty of New York. There are so many people that weird is the new normal.

      😉 Joana

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