Photo of wisteria over stone path in Central Park, taken by Joana Miranda

In my year-long project of working through the Empire Building Kit and posting weekly reviews here, I realize that somehow I must have messed up my record keeping.  Now, with only 6 more days of EBK daily emails scheduled for my inbox, I should be posting a “Week 51 Review.”  I could blame Chris Guillebeau for jipping me out of a week, but since I began this program on my birthday last year and am coming ’round to another birthday next week, I know that the fault in record keeping is on my end, not his!

In the last few days of the program, Chris has been sharing stories written in by other Emperors-in-Training.  The range of incomes earned from these success stories varies greatly;  however, the common thread is that each small business owner has stuck with their vision, has been willing to take risks to try something new, and has tweaked the process if it didn’t quite work out as expected.  For many, the measure of success goes beyond a dollar figure – often, it’s the realization that they are doing something that they are really passionate about, or that they are being richly rewarded by the quality of the relationships and the people they help in their lives.

As for my own journey, in spite of moments of great fear, doubt and insecurity, the  path overall has been remarkably sunlit and joyful.  While my financial business successes have come in spurts, the risk taking I’ve done has paid off in the deepening of old friendships, the pleasure of new friends and experiences, and a refreshed outlook on the world and what I can bring to it.

Next week, I’ll go into more detail as I wrap up the final EBK review.  Stay tuned!


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