"Josephine Tries on Shoes" 8.5 x 11 Art Print by Joana Miranda

8.5 x 11 Art Print from original pencil and watercolor illustration by Joana Miranda.

Now available at A Talent for Design at Etsy.


    • Ola Pedro,

      Josephine still hasn’t found the perfect pair of shoes, so no dinheiro has been spent at all!

      I feel like I’m on the quest for the holy grail (at least in the shoe department!)

      Espero que estas bem –

  1. nina says:

    Note to Pedro: Money spent on shoes is never wasted.

    Question for Josephine: Where are going in your pretty new dress?

    • Hi Nina,

      Money spent on ANYTHING that makes us feel prettier and happier is never wasted;-)

      Josephine is supposed to go to a cocktail party on Monday night. However, she still hasn’t found shoes (she’s looking for something other than black since her dress is black and she doesn’t want to look like she’s going to a funeral.) So far the invitation to the party is still in limbo, so she’s also not a very motivated shopper at this point.

      How are you doing? Will you be carrying a summer teaching load? Any nice vacations planned?

      Hope you have a nice weekend!

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