• Joana says:

      Ola Pedro,

      Retornamos a Nova Iorque hoje de manha. Tudo esta calmo agora, but the first two days at sea were anything but! Everyone had told me “in those large cruise ships you don’t even *feel* the sea…” but that wasn’t so. Because of Hurricane Irene, we spent the first two days at sea riding and bucking 20 foot swells. As a result, I spent the first two days green in the face and unable to keep anything in my stomach. Not good, but at least I avoided the usual 2 lb daily weight gain that most cruisers average! [?] Fortunately, after Irene passed, the rest of the trip was very smooth sailing and I perked up, ate lots of good food, and enjoyed “playing” on the ship with my husband.

      Have you ever cruised on a big ship before? Ours did alter course in an effort to escape Irene and we headed out directly east from NY instead of going north-east. I was hoping maybe we’d get to Portugal, or at the least, the Azores, but guess you can’t do that in 2 days going at 14 knots!

      Ciao – Joana

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