Photo of cute vintage lady plate, taken by Joana Miranda

With my husband’s birthday approaching, I decided we should find multiple ways to celebrate…alone at home, together with friends, and out on the town.  After all, birthday’s come only once a year, and when it’s for someone special, why not do it up?

For his birthday party, we invited good friends to share in the festivities.

They brought fun gifts festooned with ribbons…

Photo of colorful ribbons, taken by Joana Miranda

And we drank multiple glasses of champagne.

Photo of champagne glasses in the sunlight, taken by Joana Miranda

The table was set with my favorite vintage lady plates (along with party favors)…

Photo of cute vintage lady plate, taken by Joana Miranda

And I served up a homemade gluten-free chocolate pecan ginger tart. (Click here for the recipe)

Photo of chocolate pecan tart, taken by Joana Miranda

Garnished with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, chopped candied ginger, and a candle, this was one birthday slice that was pretty to behold.  I hope my husband gets his wish whatever it was!

Photo of slice of chocolate pecan ginger tart with whipped cream, crystallized ginger and candle, taken by Joana Miranda


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