photo of lampposts at the palace in Copenhagen

I find it hard to believe that just one week ago I saw the sun rising in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We were on our way back to the States that morning, and the colors in the sky at 6 a.m. were truly spectacular.  My camera was, unfortunately, already packed away for the trip; not surprisingly, given that I only had one week to deal with jet-lag before coming home, I didn’t catch the sunrise on any of my other mornings in the Danish capitol.  All the same, I did notice the extraordinary bright and clean light that seemed to color each day – not to mention that it made the 40 degree weather far more bearable.

Light obsessed?  You be the judge…

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  1. Martha Heiden says:

    Nice pictures. I see you got your computer back. Look forward to more pictures.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Martha,

      I didn’t get my computer back since the CPU got fried, but I got a NEW computer in the mail today. It’s fast, thinner and lighter than the other one, but most importantly…it works. It’s amazing how totally at sea we can now be without our “technology.” In fact, I didn’t know that the Boston tragedy had happened until yesterday evening since my husband left town and had to take his computer with him. On the bright side, I learned of the incident during my volunteering session with blind/visually impaired ladies in Chelsea. In a way it was nice to hear the news from one of my blind “pupils” during our jewelry making and beading session. It reinforced not only that we can learn from others, but that in our small way we were all trying to make the world a slightly better place last night.

      Thanks again for your comment and for visiting my blog! Joana

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