Marker and ink illustration of colored M&Ms candies by Joana Miranda

Because it happens to be my sister’s birthday!

Her initials are…

m and ms

(And she’s definitely the brightest M&M in the bunch.)

She’s been one of my key teachers…

at the piano

And along the way has also explained the finer things in life.

J and M in Portugal

We’ve had daring adventures together…

Joanaand Marta in Quebec resized

And I look forward to many more!

Happy Birthday, M!


  1. Erin Pipal says:

    i really enjoyed this, Joana! sweet pictures of you and your sister. much needed feelings of warmth on this gloomy milwaukee day. thank you 🙂

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Erin! Your email cheered me up, since I had some frustrations today as well. But I’ll save those for a real email…

      I’m thinking about you and sending you sunny thoughts. XOX – Joana

  2. Pa says:

    P.S. I told ma this post shows well who you are – always ready to give time and effort to make others loved. God bless.

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