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A few years ago I purchased the Empire Building Kit – an online 365 day course with a targeted daily email task – to help me get my business off the ground and running.  Recently, I decided to revisit the course (once you’ve purchased the course you have unlimited access to it) to see if I could implement more of the tasks that were beyond me a few years ago.  Maybe it’s just coincidence, but this time around I’ve been falling behind on some of the daily emails because my business has been, well…


So I thought some of my  readers with a more entrepreneurial bent might be interested to know that Chris Guillebeau, the mind and force behind the Empire Building Kit and other great products like the Art and Money Guide, has just announced a site-wide 20% off sale.  This coupon is good also on his latest product called The Unconventional Guide to Law & Order (no, we’re not talking the TV show here, but the nuts and bolts to the legal side of creating and running a business.)  To redeem your 20% coupon, just type in “pumpkin” in the coupon field upon checkout.  (Sale runs until Friday night, December 6th.)

Happy Shopping!


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