As much as I love, love New York, I don’t love the dust, grime and soot that comes with living in the city.  In fact, today as I breakfasted with a friend, we commiserated over how hard it is to really keep a NY apartment clean.   I told my friend about the dust “sweaters”  I discovered at the back of our bookshelves recently (just where does that dust come from and HOW does it get there!?) and my friend told me that she feels like she’s constantly vacuuming up balls of tumble weed in her apartment.

Even though I’ve done my best INSIDE the apartment, one area that’s been impossible to tackle is the outside of our 4th floor windows.  A few years ago I tried standing on a rung of the railing and leaning across with a mop to see how far I could reach.  The answer was not very (although my husband was very inspired to come out and yell at me!)

So imagine the anticipation I felt today knowing that our windows were finally going to be cleaned.

Here’s what they looked like from across the street…

balcony photo by Joana Miranda

And, at the start of their bath.

Windows in a NY apartment being cleaned

(Ewww!  With windows this dirty it’s a surprise we could tell the difference between night and day!)

Here they are just after they were finished…

Clean apartment windows

And my view early this evening!

Cleaned apartment windows view at night

So, if you happen to pass by and see me staring, don’t worry.  I’m just enjoying the view!


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