My 2nd-hand Necchi sewing machine died recently.


Which left me with material and a zipper for a pair of concert pants and no way to make the pants.

Even worse, I made this nice pair of pencil pants in May…

pencil pants

And was extremely proud of the fact that I modified the waist so that the look was less Mom-style pants and more “hip” (in both senses of the word.)  But my modifications resulted in a problem – waist gap.  And even though Kate Middleton has made showing off her (lack of) underwear a somewhat “in” thing, I’m not comfortable going that route.


pants with waistband gap

Fixing the waist band means taking it off, re-cutting and re-sewing, so I splurged and bought a NEW sewing machine.  It’s a Pfaff Smarter model and I was assured that this basic version will do pretty much all I need.

(Besides, it goes with my decor…)

Pfaff sewing machine

Learning to make your own clothes…what could be smarter than that?

(P.S. Still scared about dipping your toes into the sewing world?  This free comprehensive beginner’s guide from Stitch and Sew offers definitions for sewing terms, advice on fabrics to choose for first projects, explanation of different sewing machine stitches and pattern instructions, and much, much more!)


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