This morning the annual Loon Census on Goose Pond took place.   My mom and I set our alarms for the crack of dawn (7:45 a.m. is the crack of dawn in my book) and headed down the hill to our kayaks.

The dense fog pretty much obscured the lake at our launching point…

green kayak

into the fog

And made the neighbor’s dock appear to float in midair.

Alans dock

My mom waited patiently…

is that a loon

While I indulged in a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

Joana selfie

Although we were supposed to start our search in the direction of the dam…

house at the dam in the fog

We went towards the mountains instead.

off we go

Goose Pond in the fog

Just 10 minutes into our journey, my mom spotted a loon…

mom spots a loonAnd I got close enough to get these shots…

Loon swimming in the fog

loon in the fog

Loon preening

Before it spread its wings and took off!

taking off

The fog began to lift, but the water stayed calm.


And though we didn’t see any more REAL loons, this specimen might still qualify to be included in the census.

fun with the binoculars




  1. Oh Joana what beautiful pics, and you didn’t fall in the drink! I hope and am sure you’re having a wonderful time with that wonderful Mom of yours. I’m only sorry I didn’t get to be with you and Andy. Another time! Muitos bay jean woos (my son’s alliteration) from Jenifaria

    • Joana says:

      Ola Jenifaria,

      I’m just finishing cleaning the casinha…and the we’ll be leaving for NY. We’ve eaten my Meh-meh out of house and home, but she doesn’t seem to mind. (At least we brought our own vodka – an essential in our diet. Hee hee!) I wish you could have been here with us, too, and I hope that you’ll get to meet Andy soon!

      Muitos bay jean woos to you, too.

    • Joana says:

      But in the end getting up early was so worth it! I rarely see the lake all fogged over, because I’m “fogged over” (fast asleep) in bed. 😉

      I’m off to attend a Webinar on “sewing with knit fabrics” now. The focus is bathing suits, but I figure I’ll learn some helpful techniques for my next pants projects…

      Ciao dearie, Joana

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