I’ve been working myself to the bone this week  at my drafting table – or, more aptly – down to the stubs!

Photo of my drafting table

But, I’ve loved every minute of the work I’ve done (which includes 2 custom illustrations, 5 calendar illustrations and a custom print job)!  In fact, although my initial plan for tonight was to pop in a movie and plop myself onto the couch with a big bowl of popcorn, I’m feeling some creative inspiration coming on so I think I’ll make the most of it.

But, first, here’s a sneak peak at a portion of yet another illustration for the 2015 Joana Miranda Studio Calendar:

Waterskiier calendar teaser


And a photo of a custom illustration I created as a birthday gift for one of my friends:

World's Best Mom illustration


Now, off to sharpen those pencil (stubs)…


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