I’ve been on a quest to find a fountain pen for my illustrations that will allow me to draw with a variety of line strokes.  Although many artists use dip pens for this purpose, I find it frustrating to run out of ink mid line and have to keep dipping a pen nib over and over.  After somewhat exhaustive research and 4 failed attempts to bid on vintage Waterman52 fountain pens on Ebay, I was so wiped out and defeated I went to the hospital…

The Fountain Pen Hospital, that is!

Tucked away on Warren Street in lower Manhattan, this elegant pen shop carries the best pens, both old and new.  The sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  Although they didn’t have the Waterman52 for me to try, I quickly fell in love with another vintage pen from the 30’s – a Carter’s fountain pen with a 14K flexible gold nib.

Carter's Fountain Pen

Why a gold nib, you ask?  Because gold nibs glide beautifully on every type of paper, and the flexibility is what allows you to create strokes like these…

Carter's pen demo

Today I worked on my first illustration using my new (old) pen.  Naturally, this fashionista was the one to emerge…

first illustration with Carter's vintage pen

(P.S.  She’ll probably be Cha Cha-ing back this way in a day or two, so I hope you’ll check back again soon.)


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