As I mentioned last week, my musical performing schedule has intensified quite a bit of late.  And to combat the frustration and guilt over not being able to spend quite as much time at my drafting table as I’d like, I’ve taken to carrying around a sketch book with me so that I can fit in a daily quick-sketch, if nothing else.

This week’s sketches were mostly done on the subway to and from Lincoln Center.  In most cases, I had little more than a stop or two in which to try and capture my subject.  I’ve switched to sketching in pen – I’m using a cheap steel-nib fountain pen – since I’d rather put up with ink blobs than smudged pencil.  My sketch pad is small, only about 4×6 inches, so it’s also a challenge to scale the image to fit the page.  I’m timid about sketching people, but since most people these days tend to be absorbed on their devices, it’s relatively easy to sketch unnoticed.

Here are two of the more interesting sketches from the week…

Lady in the headband

Two ladies wating for the subway


Hope you’ll stick around to see more next week…


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