It’s been snowing all day in the city.  My afternoon student cancelled and, miracle of miracles, I also had no scheduled rehearsals or shows today…or any other reason to leave the house except to enjoy the beauty of the white stuff.

Although most people stayed in, there were a few pedestrians…

Woman in black with umbrella in the snow

As well as a handful of children sledding and frolicking in the park.

children playing in the snow.

Meanwhile, large expanses of the snow remained pristine.

snowy day in Central Park

The apartment buildings along Central Park West looked alternatively ghostly….

Central Park West in the snow2

Or like sugared confections.

Central Park West in the snow

While the lacy patterns of the snow-laden branches…

snowy branches

Were worth a second look.

two women in the snow


  1. sharonia628 says:

    How lovely! I want to do a watercolor of a couple of these photos! The one of the children is gorgeous, also the umbrellas. xoxo mm

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