I guess you could say that I have a fascination with light, lanterns and lampposts…and my recent week spent in New Orleans provided lots of photo ops to feed this obsession.

From plain…

Lantern against pastels

Lantern on pink wall

Green Lantern in Nola

To ornate.

Lanterns with scrolls on yellow wall

lanterns and Maison Dupuy

Lit day…

Lit lantern in New Orleans during the day

Into night.

floating lantern reflection

The lanterns cast shadows long…

Lantern and shadow against an old grey wall

Lanterns and shutters

red and blue contrasts with lantern and shadow

And short, yet ever present.

Lantern and reflection in late afternoon sun

This post is dedicated to the memory of my father.


    • Joana says:

      Thank, Mrs. Kountoupes! My mom and I certainly had a lovely time in New Orleans. I’ll be posting some more pictures, soon (alligators and other swampy delights.:-)

      I hope you are doing well and that Spring has finally arrived in Oberlin. XOX – Joana

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