I’m in Washington, D.C. on tour this week with the New York City Ballet at Kennedy Center.  Although the weather was gorgeous the day we arrived, it’s turned cloudy and cold ever since…which is not so bad when you have to be indoors rehearsing, but puts a definite damper on sightseeing! After hibernating in the hotel room this morning, I finally got up the courage to pile on some layers and go for a brisk walk.   And I was so glad I did.  The grey skies were the perfect foil for the vibrant blossoms that are bursting forth on many of the trees.

There was a softness to the statues…

magnolia blossoms framing two statues

And columns.

Magnolia blossoms against columns

Historic hotels looked majestic…

white cherry blossoms against stone building

And the crisp air was delicately perfumed.

magnolia blossoms

Just a tad romantic?  You bet!

white cherry blossoms


  1. mom says:

    wow, such gorgeous photos, you made it look so appetizing! xox mm

    • Joana says:

      The flowers are really pretty spectacular. You’d love seeing them…the weather, not so much! 😉

      I lurve you,

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Susan! Even though the temps don’t feel very spring-like, the flowers have certainly gotten the memo…
      Hope you are doing well!

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