My sketches this past week ran the gamut from head to toe.

Or, perhaps it would be more correct to say “feet”…


Quick ink sketch of feet in retro heels

To “torso!”

Quick ink sketch of woman in cargo shorts waiting for subway

In case you’re just joining in, I started a sketch project 15 weeks ago.  My aim is to sketch something (preferably a live subject) every day.  Although I wish I could say that I spend my afternoons leisurely sketching in a café, the reality is that my sketching times are usually confined to subway cars or platforms as I’m en route somewhere.  Even though the conditions are far from ideal (poor light, rumbling trains, unstable work surfaces, etc.), I’ve found that sketching is a great way to make time fly – not to mention that it keeps me  from being tempted to plug in and TUNE OUT!  (Thankfully, I seem to have no shortage of plugged in/tuned out subjects…)


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Good for you, giving yourself that sort of challenge! It’s not like life drawing class, where you get to sit still and draw a model that also sits still.

    • Joana says:

      Yes, you are certainly right about that. But since I’m aiming for a freer style in my illustrations, the quick sketching is actually really valuable. And it also helps keep me “in practice” on those weeks when I can’t devote as much time as I’d like at my drafting table.

      By the way, when I lunched at restaurant Robert the other day, I noticed that the Maitre D was sporting a cloth flower lapel pin. I commented on it and told him that I had a friend who makes similar flowers. He said that the mananger of the restaurant purchased flowers for all of the staff to wear. 🙂

      XOX- Joana

      On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 11:58 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


      • Helen Reich says:

        Yup, it’s getting there! A nascent fashion trend is going to emerge slowly, especially for men, I think, who have been wearing essentially the same stuff for the last hundred years. Still not seeing it here in the Midwest, which makes it really weird when I tell people what I make.

        • Joana says:

          Hi Helen,

          I suppose you don’t see very many WI men in suits these days (aside for the MSO men who have to wear concert black or suits for matinees). Although casual is the new “dressy” for men and women all over, there are still quite a few men who dress up in NYC. I imagine that part of the hurdle for the lapel flowers is convincing straight men that it’s ok to wear “ornaments.” If the mafia men of the Sopranos had all sported little lapel flowers, I bet men everywhere would have adopted the look. 🙂

          If I had been a little more brave, I would have asked the host at Robert if I could take his picture to send to you. Next time…

          XOX – Joana

          On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 4:43 PM, JOANA MIRANDA STUDIO wrote:


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