What’s better than learning a new skill and feeling your mind expand?  Well, how about getting the lessons for FREE!  My two favorite websites currently (besides YouTube) are…


1. Duolingo.com

Happy headset illustration 325

On this site you can learn to speak a foreign language for free!  Not only are the lessons well laid out with opportunities to listen, read AND have your pronunciation checked, but there are lots of valuable extras like review quizzes and flash-cards. Even better, your progress is charted via a point system (with the points adding up to virtual currency that can be redeemed in the virtual store) as well as an overall percentage system.  After a day’s study – I’m addicted – I can now claim that I’m 15% fluent in Spanish.  And that’s muy bueno, in my book.

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2. CNN Bridge Games

Playing cards

Yes, it would help to know how to play Bridge first (although there is an explanation of the game on this site), and you’ll have to watch an ad when you first pull up the link.  But once you’re past the ad and have created a player name for yourself, the other three Bridge players magically appear around the table and the bidding and playing commences.  It’s a great no-pressure way to practice the game and try out different bidding and playing strategies….perfect for the nights that I’m NOT at the ballet with my Bridge buddies but feel like playing cards.


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