I thought I would have lots of sketching time on my recent trip to Block Island, RI, but the trip was a bit of a whirlwind.  When we weren’t busy getting there and back, we were touring the island, eating and drinking and focusing on enjoying the company of family.  So my sketchbook project did fall a bit by the wayside last week (at least it didn’t fall into the ocean, though!)

Here are two sketches which I did today.  I wished I had more time for the first sketch – a very elegantly dressed middle-aged woman in the act of covering her ears as the express train roared by.  However, she was sprightly and moved away from me on the the subway platform before I could do her justice .  The second sketch is of an older gentleman who was seated near me on the train.  My pen wrinkles look heavy-handed, unfortunately, but I do think you can still see that he had a kind face.

woman with large bag and wedge shoes

middled aged man sketch


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