Unlike last week, I was actually quite prolific in my sketchbook this week.  Chalk that up to the fact that I was travelling so much through the city for rehearsals and shows.  Here is a trio of sketches (again, all done on my subway rides):

bald man looking at his cell phone on the subway

sketch of woman with head scarf

African American woman in sunglasses


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I can see you’re getting better at this…..more detail, more complete sketches. Good use of travel time!!

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      Yes, it certainly is a fun way to make the travel time pass! It also kills the temptation to “tune out” with my cellphone. 🙂

      Andy flew back from Milwaukee yesterday and managed to get out between thunderstorms. Yay! We’ve got steamy, sticky and stormy weather today. In fact, I think this is the first day this summer that’s in the 90s. Ick. I’m off shortly to a dress rehearsal with the Royal Ballet (8 shows with them this week) and will be back at the theater tonight for the gala.

      Ciao dearie, Joana

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