Yesterday I got a surprise package in the mail from my sister.  I had asked for a fashion illustration book by one of my favorite fashion illustrators, Robyn Neild.

My sister not only sent me that book, but two others!   3 Fashion Illustration How To Books

As I thumbed through Fashion Design Studio by Chris Hart

Drawing Hands with Chris Hart Fashion Design Studio book

Inside Fashion Design Studio by Chris Hart

It occurred to me I should tackle these books like a beginner…methodically and with the intention solely of learning rather than trying to produce.  My plan is to start with Chris Hart’s book and then move on to Fashion Doodles, and Fashionista Doodles by Robyn Neild.

What a treat to get to see Robyn’s luscious line work and imagine garments to complete the looks (hello swimsuit season!) Inside Fashion Doodles by Robyn Neild

And just what do I hope to accomplish with this self-directed back-to-basics “course”?

whimsical head sketch

Hmm…I guess I’ll find out!


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