On Friday, I braved rush hour, the summer heat, and the oven-like New York City subway stations to travel over to the East Side to volunteer for New York Cares.  Sketching was a great way to distract myself from thoughts that I was about to melt, and fortunately I had plenty of interesting “specimens” on the platforms to study.

From a distance at the 96th Street station, I captured this young fellow.

young man on cellphone

Once I got over to the library where I was volunteering, I found myself with some extra time before the project started, so I plunked down at one of the kid-sized tables in the children’s wing to catch my breath and enjoy the cool quietness around me.  The only other patron on that floor was a very studious, very sweet looking middle-aged gentleman who was poring over what looked like a geography book.

And because he held himself so still, he was the perfect model!

studious man reading at the library


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