I live in a city of approximately 1.62 million people, and yet sometimes I still feel like I’m living in a small(ish) community.  Case in point; last week I spotted a woman in Whole Foods who was wearing a fabulous orange flowered hat.  I’m not even sure “hat” is the right term for what she had on her head.  The way it conformed to her head, yet undulated upwards so that you couldn’t see the shape of the top of her head, made for an very eye-catching effect.  I tried to make a visual memory of the hat so I could sketch it later.  But it slipped my mind until later in the week when she (and the hat) appeared again as I was on a coffee date with my husband.  

This time I was quicker with my sketchbook and managed to capture this view.Girl with the hat

My schedule this week (6 performances and 5 rehearsals in Manhattan and New Jersey) means I’ll be commuting a lot and so will have some good sketching time.  Yay!

A fellow commuter from last week…

Girl with backpack

And although I’ve had fun doing my sketches with black colored pencil, I’m looking forward to making good use of my new Pentel Aquash pen.

Here’s a  preview of what’s to come.

quick face sketch


    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      No, actually, the woman was African American and the hat looked sort of fancy tribal in nature. She was only in the coffee shop for a minute, so I didn’t really capture her features well, but the hat side view was pretty accurate.

      I’m having fun with my brush pen. I used it to sketch a business man sitting next to me on the train ride back from NJ this afternoon. Luckily, he was totally absorbed in his device, so I got a pretty good resemblance.

      XOX – Joana

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