With the New York City Ballet Nutcracker season now behind me, I’m enjoying a much needed break from all of the hustle and bustle of performing, the holidays, and yes, even New York City.  In fact, I’m “lap-topping” this post in the comfort of an “executive” seat on a bus currently making its way north through Massachusetts.  My destination is Maine, but I’m already enjoying the wooded vistas and occasional tiny patches of snow we’re passing.  Besides relaxing, my agenda for the week involves dreaming up some new illustrations and spending a lot of time shooting pictures with my new Panasonic camera.  And, of course, I plan to enjoy lots of play dates with my mom and my husband…I can’t imagine a better way to start off the new year!

I started a new sketchbook this past week  and am looking forward to adding more sketches to it this week as well!  Here’s what caught my eye last week:

A dapper young man outfitted in a pea coat…

A cute little girl wearing round (pink) plastic glasses…

quick sketch of young girl with round glasses

And a pretty young woman with a curly short ‘do.

Quick sketch of girl with curly short hair





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