With Winter Storm Jonas slamming into New York City this past week, Manhattan was transformed into a winter wonderland and it’s inhabitants into snow bunnies.  

On the subway I saw everything from fur coats…

Quick sketch of woman in fur coat looking at her iphone

To watchman caps and feathery scarves…

Quick sketch of woman with knit cap and fur scarf

And even some short parkas with tights!

Quick sketch of woman in short parka

Meanwhile, I suited up as well…in my ankle-length down coat complete with its ginormous hood, and my cloche hat.   

Photo of Joana during Storm Jonas

And boy was I happy I did!


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Cute sketches! When I think of how concentrated everything is in Manhattan, I’m amazed that anyone can even function with 29 inches of snow. Where are they putting all of it? I dont know what to do with it on my little property when we get a lot. New Yorkers surely aren’t used to this sort of precip at all!

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      You nailed it…when we get this kind of precipitation in the Big Apple, there really isn’t anywhere for it to go. Basically, within one day of a snow storm, the intersections become lakes (from snow piled up on the curbs and from the repeated foot and car traffic.) Shortly after I moved here I purchased knee length galoshes – one of my smartest purchases every. My galoshes are actually my snow boots! Yesterday, it was only in the mid-30s, but I waded through quite a few ankle-deep puddles. And today it’s supposed to rain. Oy vey!!!!

      (Meanwhile, there are still some cars completely encased in snow!)

      XOX – Joana

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