I’ve been cooking for a long time, so I was pretty sure I had every necessary cooking gadget known to man woman.   But I recently purchased two kitchen gadgets that are so fabulous that they’re worth blogging about.

If you’re anything like me, opening vacuum-sealed jars usually goes something like this…

photo of hand struggling to open jar

And while there are some tricks I’ve used that are somewhat helpful (a rubber band around the lid or tapping the side of the lid on a hard surface), this tool will change your jar-opening life.  Just put the lip of the jar key under the rim of the lid and move your wrist upwards to place gentle pressure on the top of the lid.  You’ll hear a satisfying “thwoop” of the vacuum seal giving way and the lid will then twist off like a dream.

Jar Key

(No husband necessary!)

The other “miracle” gadget I’m excited about is the Brown Sugar Saver disc.  Although I love to bake, I try to reduce the sugar in all of the recipes I make.  As a result, my brown sugar tends to sit for a long time in the cupboard and no matter how tightly I’ve wrapped the package, by the time I get to using it again the sugar is rock hard.

I was doubtful that this gadget would work, but I followed the instructions carefully anyway.

Photo of Brown Sugar Saver label

Amazingly, the brick that was my brown sugar softened…even better, a month later, it’s STILL soft!

Photo of moist brown sugar with Brown Sugar Saver

(How sweet is that?!)


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