So I don’t have a really exiting excuse to explain why I haven’t posted since Monday.

I was away visiting my mom in Ohio, and though I brought along my computer, the reason I didn’t post was that I ended up getting swept up with a lot of creative projects at home. For the past year and a half, I’ve been slowly going through my father’s jewelry equipment and jewelry findings.  I finally finished “sorting” this week and all of a sudden felt inspired to fire up the soldering torch and work at his bench.

My first task was to tweak a necklace my father had made for my mother.  We decided it needed a different center bead, and this is what it looked like after I made the switch:

mom's necklace

Then, at my mom’s request, I made her these simple garnet and gold earrings (and yes, that’s an old photo of my beautiful mom in the background)…

garnet earrings

Lastly, I needed to switch out the ear wires on a pair of $5 earrings that my mom bought for me at a flea market.  But after switching to gold ear wires, I decided I needed to upgrade the dangles as well.  Now my $5 earrings have 18K gold ear wires and real pearls!  Although the increase in value is still negligible, getting to repair them at my father’s bench was…

Joana's new earring



    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I definitely don’t miss making it to sell, but I love being able to make things (and repair things) at the bench just for myself and for family and friends. Unfortunately, since the bench will have to stay at my mom’s house for now (we can’t have it here in NYC) I’ll have to squeeze in the simple projects whenever I can get home to visit my mom. Hopefully, I’ll remember how to use the torch each time and won’t end up burning down the house. 😉

      XOX – Joana

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